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Monday Schedule Detail

Session Name: Recovery~~Disaster Debris Monitoring and Contractor Procurement
Session Description:

In today’s world a community cannot plan enough for a potential disaster, especially a flood, tornado, earthquake or hurricane. This session provides effective strategies and case studies that will assist a community or utility manager plan, respond to and recover from a disaster. The strategies integrate the keys to debris management success such as leadership, planning, technology and organizational approaches, while providing proven hands-on examples to developing the strategies and approaches that will work best for your community. The strategies address the key issues that face a community when preparing, responding and recovering from a hurricane or similar disaster. We look at the challenges from an administrative, engineering/operational, and financial perspective providing examples of the challenges, mistakes and lessons learned from previous disaster events drawing from various case studies and past experiences associated with ESF3 operations. We will introduce participants to various debris management and damage assessment procedures, as well as introduce the participants to pertinent federal regulations for debris contracting and monitoring and financial reimbursements.

Day of Week: Monday
Time Start: 8:30AM