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Thursday Schedule Detail

Session Name: Evacuation Planning~~Implications for Evacuation Planning from the Academic Research Community
Session Description:

Wilmot and his students at the Louisiana Transportation Research Center have conducted a number of statistical analyses of evacuations over the past ten or more years and have developed an integrated evacuation modeling package using TransCAD and TransModeler. It will predict clearance time, traffic conditions on the evacuation network, cumulative number of evacuation that have evacuated, number of households remaining, average evacuation travel time, and cumulative vehicle-hours and vehicle miles of evacuating traffic. He will describe how the software was developed, how it can be used to for planning and for real-time applications, and its implications for RtePM. Following Sandy the New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey Sea Grant programs pooled their resources to fund 10 academic research projects at a cost of $1.4 million (Sea Grant requires a 50% institutional match). Researchers made presentations on three of the projects at last year’s National Hurricane Conference. Sea Grant has produced a 23 minute documentary based on findings from the ten studies, emphasizing evacuation compliance and communicating risk. Wise will be invited to provide context and show the video.

Day of Week: Thursday
Time Start: 10:30AM