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Thursday Schedule Detail

Session Name: Fire-Rescue/Law Enforcement~~First Responder – Getting Back to Basics
Session Description:

Workshop for planning by emergency first responders using hurricane and hybrid storm advisories. In recent years, there have been many changes in the delivery of meteorology information to the first responders. Now, in some cases, the click of a mouse gives the first responder all the information he or she thinks they need to know. Technology is revolutionizing how the first responder handles emergencies and will redefine how the first responder community interacts with each other and with citizens. There is a critical need for the emergency responder to be “informationally rich”. But does the responder understand what they are being shown, and is the responder aware of the information that is needed to prepare for a response of their agency to the actual threat? The educated first responder should be among our most important priorities for the protection and preservation of life and property. The workshop will discuss the importance of the forecast products to the decision making and planning process. And to show the responder how to use the advisories information for creating a timeline of actions that is so vital to his/her agencies response. The goal of the workshop is to greatly enhance situational awareness of NHC and NWS product outputs.

Day of Week: Thursday
Time Start: 10:30AM