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Thursday Schedule Detail

Session Name: Mitigation/Engineering: Buildings & Structures~~Flood Economics
Session Description:

Convincing local elected officials to invest in mitigation can be difficult. It is human nature to do what will pay off the most now, even if it means we may have to suffer more in the future. Considering that the effects of flooding are typically far removed from a focus on the immediate, it is difficult for decision makers to rationalize the required funding needed for mitigation action to protect their communities from future flood risk. Flood Economics (, developed by the EIU on behalf of Resilience Action Partners and FEMA, is a new, web-based information resource developed to overcome aversion to mitigating future flood risk and to combat the lack of resources and information about why communities should invest. It is designed to help local elected officials, mitigation professionals, and stakeholders: (1) improve awareness of the multitude of economic, social, and environmental benefits to communities; (2) highlight how communities are funding mitigation efforts; and (3) encourage people to share this knowledge with key industry experts and affected stakeholders, creating a ripple effect. This presentation will explain the methodology and analysis driving Flood Economics and discuss ways it can be utilized to encourage mitigation action. A live demonstration of Flood Economics will also take place to demonstrate the core capabilities of the website: the five key takeaways, 11 case studies, and state-level mitigation data.

Day of Week: Thursday
Time Start: 1:30PM