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Thursday Schedule Detail

Session Name: Public Education/Media/Meteorology~~Understanding Weather and Warning Information Dissemination Needs: A National Weather Service Transformational Change Project
Session Description:

NOAA National Weather Service Office of Dissemination is leading the agency’s first Transformational Change Project to explore new ways to disseminate critical, life-saving weather and warning information to the public and across the Weather enterprise in a way that improves functionality, leverages technical capabilities and strengthens decision support services. Since the mid-1950s NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) has served as a primary, multi-mission program broadcasting official warnings, watches, forecasts and other hazard information 27/7 using broadcast Radio Frequency technology. But societal shifts over the years and advances in technology have changed how the public receives weather information and how that information is used. There are numerous technologies or modalities that have evolved as part of the warning process over many decades of use, with several new technologies that appear to extend the reach, timing, and importance of alerting to populations who might not have received those alerts under older, more traditional technologies.

The first phase of this project focused primarily on stakeholder engagement to obtain and analyze current and future user needs. This presentation reports on the weather information needs of end users in the warning partnership and the use of weather information delivery modalities in actual weather events and situations, including mobile apps, NOAA Weather Radio, alert notification systems, social media, and more. The strengths and weaknesses of the various modalities will be discussed, along with an analysis of what may work best in various event scenarios and with different populations and warning partners. Implications for the warning delivery process will be discussed.

Day of Week: Thursday
Time Start: 1:30PM